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  Since the reform and opening up, dust rapid market expansion, so the township and village enterprises including private enterprises like bamboo shoots after a spring rain develops rapidly, their starting point is low, the technical force is very weak, poorly equipped, and product bag production mostly to imitate the production, coupled with the confusion in the market, also to the many problems of dust Market China has. In fact, in general is the lack of professional and technical personnel and dust removal in China, will be the cause of this situation.
  With our government's policies to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, strong market demand, industry investment capacity and other factors, the output filter in our country has been sustained growth. At present, China cleaning industry is labor-intensive industries, or in the amount of expansion. Although the made in China products in international market flow dust dust dust bag more and more particularly, but the dust market right words not in the hands of Chinese enterprises, in aggregate, or a lack of technical personnel in this field.
  Anyway, to solve this problem, as the dust enterprise should strengthen the short-term training for enterprise employees, to improve the existing situation of human resources. Today, and environmental protection through various channels to the introduction of high-quality professionals to enhance China's dust removal industry of intellectual capital. We believe that China's dust enterprises want to have long-term development, we must adjust and optimize industrial structure, we should continue to give full play to the traditional advantage of dust removal industry, but also to develop knowledge, technology intensive industries and emerging industries, promote industrial upgrading to dust. Only in this way, Chinese enterprises between the dust and the gap with the developed countries as soon as possible to shorten the. Future and will go on this way.



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