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  Dust purification equipment factory and environmental protection was founded in 2009, after so many years of carve, and rely on technology and advanced scientific management, enterprise scale unceasingly expands, the management level has been constantly improved, is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales, technical services and personnel training in one the. Repeatedly won the Botou City Administration for Industry and Commerce Shou contract re credit the honorary title.
      And environmental protection is a professional design for clients, making environmental protection equipment such as bag dust collector and accessories production and processing business entities. And environmental protection perennial tailored to customer needs, design a variety of less investment, low operation cost, stable operation and to control the process of convenient operation, thus ensuring that the project emissions standards, and praised by users. And environmental protection have a be trained with regularity of manufacturing and construction team, we in the advanced production equipment, exquisite manufacturing technology and strict quality guarantee
Under the guidance of the credit system, to provide satisfactory manufacturing installation repair service for users, high quality and efficient safety has always been our greatest strength.
      And environmental protection bag manufacturers over the years have paid great attention to cultivate and attract talent, we will regularly carry out all aspects of dedusting technology training for employees, so the level of employee knowledge and occupation technology of our company are increasing, our company has the domestic environmental protection industry renowned experts, and a group of hard style, young management precise technology, marketing, technology backbone, a large number of outstanding high school graduates is everfount into the enterprise, filling all the positions in the company, into the power and vitality to the company.



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