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  The dust skeleton is developed in early 80's and dust collector accessories widely used, it can guarantee the dust removal equipment cleaning effect, low resistance and high purification efficiency. Its role in the dust removal device is compressed air in a short period of high-speed jet into the dust bag, also induced several times in the injection volume of air to form air wave, so that the bag expansion shock and vibration generated by the mouth of rapidly to the bottom, the wave shape in a short time to form filter bags into the drum, to "flat, drum" deformation, so that the dust layer deformation, fracture, to block the dough from the cloth and the gravity.
  In the star skeleton and the spring framework are two common parts in the field of dust removal, below we two pairs of a deep understanding of. In the star angle skeleton: bags ribs, it should be lightweight, easy to install and maintain, skeleton directly affect the quality and service life of filter bag. Our company introduced advanced frame manufacturing equipment, each frame manufacturing could meet the lightweight, smooth, straight, with an annual output capacity of 2000000. The specification for circular, oval shaped, flat, envelope, other according to the customer request custom skeleton. Raw materials: high quality low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, etc..
  它的结构有多节式、文氏管、保护短管、下卸式、插接式、卡盘式等合理的结构方式。表面处理惩罚有镀锌、喷塑、防腐处理惩罚、表面有机硅喷涂等。而弹簧骨架是外滤式除尘设备必备的除尘设备配件,弹簧骨架分有文氏管和无文氏管两种,拉伸长度一般为1.5M,2M,2.5M 我厂生产的弹簧骨架是接纳直径为4毫米的钢丝盘绕而成,一般骨架直径为小于120毫米,伸张后为25圈/米,表面镀锌处理惩罚。
  Its structure has a plurality of type, venturi tube, protective tube, unloading structure type, plug-in, chuck type reasonable. Surface treatment has galvanized, spray, anti-corrosion treatment, the surface of silicone spray. The spring framework is outside the filter type dust collecting equipment for dust removal equipment accessories, spring framework consists of Venturi tube and no venturi tube two, tensile length is 1.5M, 2M, 2.5M spring skeleton produced by our factory is with a diameter of 4 mm and a wire coil, general framework with diameter less than 120 mm, stretching after 25 laps / m, galvanized surface treatment.



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