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  Our company equipment is divided into dust and dust removal machine accessories and dust conveying equipment three series. We are now carrying out cooperation in R & D, manufacturing areas of joint research and development of high performance conveyor dust removal equipment and other products, and has made forward-looking achievements, greatly improves the dust removal equipment and transportation equipment aspects of performance, make our enterprise in the dust removal field has achieved the leading position in the industry.
  大家调查验证木工制造业生产过程中产生的大量微尘和锯屑粉尘,不仅会粘附在设备和工件表面影响加工质量,造成工件报废或设备出现经常性故障,而且污染了作业环境,导致矽肺病。因此车间必须进行有效的通风换气,及时排走产生的粉尘,并对含尘空气进行净化,以保 持设备和工件表面的干净。家具厂木工除尘器设备结构简单、紧凑、钢耗量低,对比重较轻的纤维性粉尘,如锯屑、刨花、石棉粉末、烟草等有较高的捕集能力。
  Our investigations have verified woodworking manufacturing process of large amounts of dust and sawdust dust, not only can be attached to the equipment and the workpiece surface influencing the machining quality, resulting in frequent fault workpiece scrapped or equipment, but also pollutes the environment, cause silicosis. Therefore, the workshop must ventilation effectively, dust discharged in time to produce, and the dust content in air purification, to maintain the equipment and the workpiece surface is clean. Furniture factory woodworking dust collector has the advantages of simple structure, compact structure, low steel consumption, fibrous dust compared to lighter, such as sawdust, wood shavings, asbestos powder, tobacco and other high trapping capacity.
  为了满足越来越严格的劳动保护、环境保护及产物加工精度的要求,木工制造企业对生产过程中产生的粉尘必须进行有效的处理惩罚 。诺和环保是生产除尘设备的专业厂家,是一家集科研、设计、制造于一体的生产企业,历史悠久,技术精良。企业多年来引进国外先进技术,结合国内情况不断创新,自行研究开发生产的主要产物有:木工除尘设备,木工脉冲除尘设备,木工布袋除尘器等多种新型除尘设备。
  In order to meet the increasingly stringent labor protection, environmental protection and the product processing precision, woodworking manufacturing enterprise must to the dust generated in the production process for effective treatment. And environmental protection is the production of dust removal equipment of the professional manufacturers, is a collection of scientific research, design, manufacture in one of the production enterprises, has a long history, sophisticated technology. The company for many years the introduction of foreign advanced technology, combined with the domestic situation of continuous innovation, research development and production of the main products are: wood dust removal equipment, woodworking pulse dust removal equipment, woodworking bag dust collector and other new type dust removal equipment.



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