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  And environmental protection is the production of electromagnetic pulse valve based business entities, set design, production and sales of scientific research, technology exchange, import and export in one of the high-tech enterprises internationalization, and access to the Botou high-tech enterprises honor. We rely on scientific and technological innovation, set up R & D Center for the development of corporate investment, technology introduction, innovation and new products.
  如今大家生产的直角脉冲阀销售的最好,而这一系列的脉冲阀中QMF-20P-A脉冲阀销量最大。该电磁阀的用途: 它是是脉冲袋式除尘器清灰喷吹系统的压缩空气“开关”。受脉冲喷吹控制仪输出信号的控制,对滤袋逐排(室)喷吹清灰,使除尘器的阻力保持在设定的范围之内,以保证除尘器的处理惩罚能力和收尘效率。
  Now we produce rectangular pulse valve sales best, but this series of pulse valve pulse valve sales of the largest QMF-20P-A. Use of the electromagnetic valve: it is the pulse bag type dust blowing the compressed air system "switch". By the pulse jet control output signal control, on the row by row (room) blowing ash, dust resistance to keep within the set range, to ensure that the processing capability and dust collection efficiency.
其进出口之间夹角为90°,它的技术性能与QMF-20P型早电磁脉冲阀相同,所不同的进口为管螺纹,出口与喷吹管联接,接纳耐压胶管联接。 该电磁阀的工作原理: 膜片把脉冲阀分成前、后二个气室,当接通压缩空气时,压缩空气通过节流孔进入后气室,此时后气室压力将膜片组件紧贴阀的输出口,脉冲阀处于“关闭”状态。
The angle between the import and export of 90 degrees, technical performance and its early QMF-20P type electromagnetic pulse valve, inlet are different for pipe thread is connected with the spraying pipe, outlet, the pressure hose connection. The working principle of the electromagnetic valve diaphragm: pulse valve into the before and after the two chambers, when connected to compressed air, compressed air through the orifice into the chamber after, when the pressure chamber will close the valve diaphragm component output, pulse valve in the "off" state.
  Electrical signals from the pulse jet control makes the pulse valve armature after the shift, put the valve chamber to open pores, then the rapid loss of pressure chamber, the diaphragm assembly after the shift, the compressed air blowing through the outlet valve, pulse valve in the "open" state. Pulse jet control signals disappear, pulse valve armature reset, after the chamber put stomatal closure, after the chamber pressure increases output so that the diaphragm assembly to close the valve, pulse valve is in the "off" state.
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